Welcome to Source Energy Connector:  Mind/Body/Spirit Wellness…

A powerful way to rediscover and reconnect with your inner soul to create your special full-filling life! 

Awareness ~ Empowerment ~Action…with Laurie Bonser

Source Energy Connector is my focused intention to share a variety of tools and approaches through the universal source energies to help you re-discover and re-connect with all the vital parts of your inner being.

Everyone has the ability to tap into their own internal power, balance, spirit guides and teachers, healing energies, and abundances…sometimes we just need to be introduced to a new idea, receive support, or experience a ‘jump start’ to reclaim our own energy and direction.

Consciously choosing our intentions allows us to change and re-write those areas of our lives where we want to have different and meaningful outcomes, including health, relationships, work purpose, personal growth, community and outreach, and more. 

Change Your Story and Change Your Life, right now.


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